About EGS

EGS offers a friendly, professional and personal Scotland-wide angling service which will help you if….

….you are a beginner or beginners who want to learn to fish for salmon, sea trout or trout on a river or loch


…. you know your fishing but want to benefit from the services of an experienced and reliable ghillie


… you have one weeks fishing a year & want to maximise your chance of fish


…your fishing party could do with a hand.

(…that broken rod…the net left in the lodge…the forgotten midge cream…the missing wading staff…the guest who has never fished before…the wrong flies…Uncle Jim who isn’t as steady as he used to be…the cup of tea…kelt or springer?…the goo to mend the rip…and inspiration!)

EGS offers a service, wherever the location in Scotland, for the dedicated angler or group of anglers or would be anglers.

‘The biggest fish he ever caught was the one that got away’

Eugene Field