Conservation Policy

‘During the last thirty years the number of wild salmon returning from the sea has fallen by half’

(Atlantic Salmon Trust)

The future of our sport is very closely linked with conservation and the next generation. EGS – with your help – supports a number of salmon conservation organisations eg the Atlantic Salmon Trust and the Trout & Salmon Association.


Most people book EGS for the six days of their fishing, but shorter periods may be possible.

The all inclusive cost of six days tuition, guiding or ghillie services or a mixture of all three for any combination or number of anglers is £440 – no VAT, extras or hidden charges. Accommodation is never required – Bill travels with a motorhome.

Very comprehensive & modern all-you-need tackle outfits are available at £65 per week. Please ask for written details.

A wide range of flies is available to buy.

And…if you are tie flies yourself and need materials, you might like to visit the excellent Douglas Forbes of ‘Flymakers’ in Aberdeen:

‘There is no greater fan of fly fishing than the worm.’

Patrick E. McManus