The Small Print

Dear Client,

Our relationship is founded largely on mutual trust. When you make a booking, that is entered in my diary, those dates becomes your time and I very seldom even ask for a deposit.

The only reasons I am likely to renage on a booking are those totally outside my control ie illness, injury etc and maximum notice will be given but in many years of work it has never happened.

If you have to cancel your week please realise your booking has been held for you.If possible I will relet your time and hope to help on another occasion. A cancellation has only happened once – at very short notice – and the client suggested an arrangement which satified us both. That sort of informal gentlemanly solution would seem to be the best way forward.

Please ensure you dress appropriately for the weather. Clothing of a subdued colour is preferable.

Essential safety items include a hat and glasses (preferably polarised) to protect your eyes.

Footwear – waders or boots – should be either studded or have felt soles.

Irrespective of your swimming abilities, some form of flotation device is desirable. This can be provided.

And…in Scotland in summer, midge cream is wise!

‘In vain is the net spread in the fishes sight’

Adapted from Proverbs 1