Ghillie Services

However much you enjoy the peace and solitude of fishing, another pair of experienced hands can make life safer, a great deal more enjoyable, reassuring – and succesful.

Experienced anglers know the value of a ghillie and Everyman Ghillie Services was set up to offer this facility. On some waters there is no ghillie at all and on others he can not be on hand all the time, or at the times that we want to go fishing. Finding one who is happy to be about at the anti social hours that we like (or have available) can be difficult.

Everyman Ghillie Services is run by a fisherman who understands fishing and what fishermen want. In a low-flow summer heat-wave, it is appreciated that you may want to be on the water from 5am to fish ‘til breakfast, maybe spend the heat of the day doing something else and then fish the evening until it is too dark to see and the bats are out. Bill knows what he himself expects from a ghillie and this is what he offers his clients .

‘The old man used to say that the best part of hunting and fishing was the thinking about going and the talking about it after you got back. You had to have the actual middle as a basis of conversation and to put some meat in the pot.’

Robert Ruark